Investment Banking Analyst Interview (2020) Questions and Answers

Behavioural Questions:

Q1 Tell me about yourself? / Walk me through your resume? ******

Don’t repeat what is stated on your resume.

Tell them things like:

Q2 Why do you want to be an investment banker? ******

Step 1: Your background

Step 2: Investment Banking Spark (how you get interested?) eg. was it a lecturer, you have relative working as one, you attend an event/talk

Step 3: Your follow-through actions eg. did you read IPO, keep up with M&A news, networking, learn financial modelling

Technical Questions:


Q3 Walk me through the 3 financial statements

Q4 If depreciation increase by $10, walk me through the changes


Behavioural Questions:

Q6 Why do you want to work for this firm? ******

To ace this question, you need to do research on the company and stand out from other interviewees.

eg. if the company is a car company, you can say you like cars…

Tips: Always finish your answer with “I really want to work in investment banking, because I network with other investment banker and I get along with them really well and my personality fits in with them”

Sample answer

Technical Questions:


Q7 What is EBITA?

Q8 When calculating company EV, do you use Book value or Market value?

other questions on capital structure

Behavioural Questions:

Q9 Tell me about your weaknesses

example answer
example answer

Technical Questions:

Q10 technical question

Behavioural Questions:

Q11 What do you think an important trait to have to be successful in this role?/what is your greatest strength?

example answer

Technical Questions:

Q12 Merger and Acquisition

Behavioural Questions:

Q13 Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Q14 What other banks you are applying for right now?

Employee want to see how attractive is this candidate. If you are applying for a large bank then say other companies that are also large banks. vice versa for boutique bank.

Technical Questions:

Q15 Capital Structure

Must know how companies finance its operations

Behavioural Questions:

Q16 What other industries or companies are you looking at?

You should say something related to the same field to show your interest is only in investment banking.

Technical Questions:

Q17 LBO (leverage buyout) model

Behavioural Questions:

TMT-(tehnology media telecom)

Brain Teasers Question

Last Part

Do you have any questions for me?

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If you dont know 50% of the answer to the question, ask the interviewer for the answer.

If you dont know 100% of the answer to the question, then dont ask for the answer as it will show you are not prepared.

Hedge fund is short term investing.

Private equity is long term investing in companies stocks. Helping wealthy clients to invest their capital.

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.